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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 8, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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flowers, candles and tears tonight for a father and daughter that were struck and killed. san francisco police are investigating two accidents that happened almost simultaneously that sent eight people to the hospital. jade hernandez is in the city where one crash involved a munni train and another frightened some customers at a coffee shop.
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>> reporter: the accident left behind these skid marks. and if you look closer you can see where the suv landed into this wall because without it in front of this restaurant, the suv would have plowed right into the dining area. >> i've never heard such a loud crash before. and then i heard this scream, which turned out to be somebody witnessing the accident. >> reporter: san francisco police say reports of this black suv speeding out of control along the embarcadero came in this afternoon. the suv was weaving in and out of traffic. >> a lot of people stopped just to talk to the police. that's how upset everybody was about this accident. >> reporter: losing control the suv bounce into this sedan, and landing right here. >> he somersaulted about four or five times. >> reporter: jan a neighbor in the area showed me some of the photos she took after the
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accident. >> there were a lot of witnesses. >> reporter: a red fire vehicle arrived first within a minute. then the first ambulance arrived within two minutes so it was a very rapid response. >> reporter: police say paramedics took five people without serious injuries to the hospital included the suspected drunk driver who caused the accident. meanwhile restaurant employees cleaned up the mess. less than a mile away, nummi bus made an illegal turn in front of the train. the driver who was had to be extricated was taken to the hospital with two other people. investigators in san jose are trying to figure out what caused a crash that left a 78 yield man dead. it happened this morning near highway 17. the driver lost control of his
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car, skidded on to an enbankment and hit a tree. he died at the scene. investigators have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the crash. in oakland police are looking for several people involved in a smash and grab robbery at a computer store. officers say just before 3:00 a.m. a pickup truck full of people rammed into the store on lake shore avenue and bandana boulevard. at least one person ran inside, grabbed four laptops and took off running. one stolen laptop has been recovered. the other three laptops are still missing. people gathered in concord tonight to mourn the father and daughter killed on a bike ride by an out of control driver. ktvu's debra villalon is live at the scene of the crash and tonight's vigil, debra. >> reporter: there were a few 100 people here tonight right into 8:00. the candles keep multiplying along with the tribute to the
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two who died here. >> reporter: turai nuri was surrounded by family, supported by love to see where her husband and daughter died. 12-year-old hannah was on the bicycle too but survived when a 17-year-old boy driving an suv jumped the curb and drove into them a block from home. the 17-year-old boy is in juvenile waiting for sentenced. >> whatever happened we're going to find out. >> reporter: concord's afghan community knows this family well. >> he loved his daughter, he loved kids period. he used to coach soccer for the community. >> reporter: from the soccer league this video of 41-year- old suleman nuri known as sam
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and his daughter described as polite, affectionate, sweet. >> reporter: the vigil brought families from throughout the community. >> i think it means a lot to the family that nonafghans also cared about what happened here and care about the tragedy. so i think it's a very beautiful sign. >> reporter: among the mourners, adisa's classmates and girl scouts. >> she was very sweet, she would hug anybody who would allow them to hug. >> reporter: widow surai nori and daughter left the vigil early overcome by grief. her husband worked as a truck driver. she is a trauma nurse at john mere hospital and she has said how much it pains her that she saved lives but couldn't save theirs. we're live in concord, debra villalon. supporters of a berkeley high school student held a
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demonstration at uc berkeley today claiming she has been unfairly kept from attending the universities premier campus. bella says cal refused to admit her because she's laity that. the berkeley high senior -- she's a latina. the berkeley high senior says she has a 4.05 weighted gpa and is a long time berkeley resident. >> i was disappointed and surprised i wasn't accepted, but i still believe in public education. i believe the integrity in it. i think it's in the people to improve it. >> reporter: cal officials were unavailable for comment today because of the holiday. a spokeswoman for bella says she's on a wait list for ucla and has been told that there is a spot for her at uc merced if she wants it. students known as the
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sprawl 13 were charged with misdemeanors last fall for blocking police access to the uc occupy encampment. supporters say the arrests were selective and politically motivated. tomorrow they will hold a conference at sprawl plaza at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow board members will discuss raising the tax rate on its 2010 measure c bond to reduce long time cost for property owners. voters cost measure c at trustees promise tax rates would not exceed $60 per $100,000 in excess value. that's the same rate property owners play under a c measure bond 10 years ago. investigators are trying to pin point the cause of an early morning fire that gutted a restaurant in the fruitvale
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neighborhood. the extent of damage grew. >> what i'm going to do, i don't know. >> reporter: the shopping center was the site of a three alarm fire, the owner of el tapatio watched his family business go up in flames and reflected. >> the plans are to build something bigger: we're planning to open a second restaurant by november. we have a lot of dreams. >> reporter: the fire started in the back of the restaurant around 3:30 a.m. >> it appears this was accidental. possibly caused by some electrical wiring or gas in the rear of the restaurant. >> reporter: firefighters rushed into the building before the roof became unstable. >> it was a very dangerous fire. >> reporter: the fire didn't spread and he says that's
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thanks to this 30-foot cinder block wall separating two buildings. an explosion he said, something blew up like there was an electrical short or something. this morning the business owners accessed the damage. the notary at the corner had some smoke damage but all her documents were saved. other businesses like the tapatio was completely destroyed. now to l.a. county where a gasoline tanker truck caught fire late last night. the highway patrol car says the truck was speeding when it clipped the back of a truck. you can see fuel spilled down the highway. remarkably no one was injured. the driver of the car a 25-year- old man was arrested on
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suspicion of dui. fremont police have identified the victim of the city's first homicide of the year. 20-year-old raul sharma was gunned down. neighbors heard the gunshots and tried to help the victim but it was too late. police described the suspect only as an african american man in his 20s with earrings in both ears. in arizona, the fast work of tulsa police -- in oklahoma, the fast work of tulsa police led to the arrest of two men. >> reporter: a crime stopper tip helped police track down the two suspects. authorities began looking for the two right after the shootings. >> our whole goal was to make contact with possible suspects. try to bring them in and try to
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develop possible cause in result of an arrest. and that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: england and -- both face murder charges. but one of england's neighbors cannot believe. >> very well mannered. he has helped me over here. when his dogs tear up my trash can, he comes over here and cleans it up. very nice man. >> reporter: the teen's girlfriend most recently committed suicide right in front of him. >> the only thing i ever was told is that she shot herself. that's all i know. the boy just went blank and completely horrified. he loved her very much. >> reporter: all the victims were black but police are not ready to call this a hate crime. >> there's a very logical theory that would say that's what it would be. but i'm a police officer, i
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have to go by the evidence. >> reporter: officers say they have not yet determined a murder, it's unclear how england and watts know each other. about 40,000 at&t workers have decided to stayen stay -- to stay on the job in spite of their contract debate. if workers are involved in land line and data transmission. at issue are job benefits and job security. legendary news man mike wallace is dead. tonight's announcement on 60 minutes and an unforgettable exchange. also ahead, easter observances at oikos university. the guilty that burdens many in the community. plus the change of tone, is
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newt gingrich ready to fold his campaign? how he put it today. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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before we begin tonight's broadcast we have the sad duty to report the death of our friend mike wallace. at the start of the cbs news magazine 60 minutes, the
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death of wallace was announced. he helped shape broadcast journalism. mike wallace could turn an interview into an interrogation. his take no prisoners reputation made some public figures weak in the knees. >> i'm mike wallace. >> reporter: he was known for his hard hitting journalistic style and aggressive questioning. >> how many blacks are there on your top campaign governor? >> i couldn't honestly answer you. >> reporter: but decades before, millions of tv viewers watched him on cbs news, mike wallace already had a colorful career. he was born myron leon wallace in brooklyn, massachusetts in 1918. after graduating from the university of michigan, he started his career in radio. his work as a radio host landed him spots on tv. as an actor in a police drama, as a program host, and even in
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commercials. >> get golden fluffo. and that's some apple pie. >> are you at least afraid of what happened. >> reporter: but his love for news made him drop that type of work in 1963 when cbs news hired him as a correspondent. >> i'm wagging my finger at the president of china. >> reporter: his feisty brazen style made him a good fit for the new magazine, 60 minutes. wallace didn't cower to american or world leader. he said this to comani during the iran hostage in 1979. >> the president sedat of egypt, a devoutly religious man, a muslim says that what you are doing now is quote, a disgrace to islam. and he calls you imam, forgive me, his words not mine, a
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lunatic. >> reporter: media critics say wallace's attack dog style went too far. >> he used hidden camera investigations so he really thought generations of younger journalists about how to go get that story. >> reporter: in 2006, he took on a smaller role on 60 minutes and by 2008 had triple bypass surgery and retired from public life. >> if you had made your living in the early days of black and white television, you knew that sometimes it was like the early days of flying. >> reporter: but his relationship with cbs viewers spanned decades. and he'll have an ever lasting impact on the field of journalism. mike wallace was 93. sandra endo washington. -- >> that hard surgery slowed wallace down significantly. mike wallace was 93 years old. at you can find a
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slide show of mike wallace that takes you through some of his memorable moments including the tension filled 1968 democratic national convention. look under the tab for u.s. news. here in the bay area we're awaiting official word on the cause of death of noted painter kinkade. the artist died friday at his home near los gatos. he was only 54. kinkade paintings and prints hang in homes throughout the world. he was known as the painter of life. in recent years his business was besieged with legal battles and he had personal struggles including alcohol. kinkade was separated from his wife and leaves behind four daughters. now to the campaign on what could be a big development in the gop race. newt gingrich strongly hints that he's about to quit and that he will support mitt romney for the republican
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nomination. >> he's far and away the most likely republican. the entire goal of the republican office is to beat obama. >> romney said he would rather go back to what he called a postcampaign career. richard land of the southern baptist convention today urged santorum to drop out so that romney would have a better chance of winning against president obama. santorum has not responded, he took easter weekend off to spend time with his family. the republican's next contest begins in two weeks including in santorum's home state of pennsylvania. lawmakers return from spring recess tomorrow with a
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lot on their plate. california faces a deficit smaller than in recent years but social services could be cut again. second is pension reform, republicans and democrats have already began fighting on whether to approve governor brown's plan. and third is high speed rail. the governor's expected to ask lawmakers for more than $2 billion to build the project. it's been six days since that shooting in oikos university. on this easter sunday many took time to pray for those who's lives were cut short. some also offered prayers for the man being held responsible for their deaths. >> reporter: on the door of oikos university a poster with a prayer and seven easter baskets one for each of the victim's who lost their lives in a span of an hour monday morning. members of korean church a community with ties to the university laid flowers at the
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photos centering the memorial. the shooting rampage was woven in. to easter sunday sermons. reverend lee says prayers should be offered for both the victims and the accused shooter. a former student at the school 43-year-old one goh. >> this is easter day and we have to love all people. >> reporter: in his sermon, reverend lee said that many in the korean community felt somehow responsible. goh was a u.s. citizen of korean parents. >> it's traumatic and we feel responsible. there was no way of preventing what happened. >> reporter: han was the english translator for today's easter service. he says despite no direct tie, there's the desire to never see
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a horror like this again. >> what can you do? just hope and pray. >> reporter: of the people we saw come to the memorial, some were family but most were strangers coming to offer their prayer on this easter sunday, ken pritchett. more details, the suspect one goh faces seven counts of murder. he is due back in court april 30th and he is expected to enter a plea. marking easter took many forms in the bay area this sunday. in seven minutes, the sampling of the celebration and how some took the time to help others. a chance to voice opinions about noise. some residents say the problem area are between bush and postwhere there's a high
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concentration of bars. business are staggering their closing time in hopes to reduce problems. it's turning out to be a late winter in the sierra now there's lots of snow. in nine minutes what resorts are offering to entize skiers and snow boarders. we're wrapping up a very nice holiday weekend but some changes on the way. the areas that could pick up a few sprinkles. i hate getting less. but i love getting more.
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in afghanistan today the united states agreed to give afghans authority over raids of afghan homes. most of the raids are done at night and have met stiff opposition from the afghan government. after today, a panel of afghan security officials will have authority to decide what raids will take place and if american troops go into a home an afghan
10:26 pm
partner will be with them. in other news of the world tonight, in syria, hopes of a seize fire have all but disappeared. the deal is off because opposition forces have not signed an agreement to stop fighting. government shelling of neighborhoods continued today killing 40 people. there's no way to confirm those claims because syria forbids independent journalists from reporting on the situation. in north korea foreign reporters were given a look at a prestage missile ready for lift off on tuesday. north korea says the rocket will carry a satellite aimed at improving their economy. and in molly today, president turai handed in his resignation 17 days after a coo
10:27 pm
send him into hiding. the coo came amidwidespread anger over how the president handled a rebellion. 100 years ago this week the doomed titanic set sail from england. today 1,300 optimistic passengers, some descendents of the original passengers took off again. the grandson of a surviving crew man said the sinking of the titanic changed his grandfather forever. >> he is issued with a new discharge book and in front of that it's his color of hair white. so between april to october he
10:28 pm
went completely white through the affects of shock. >> reporter: many of today's passengers dressed up in period costume. next weekend the ship will stop above the wreckage of the titanic. this easter sunday is highlights what some believe is a problem in the u.s. military, a shortage of chaplains. but a new scholarship program is aimed to remedy that situation. the program splits the cost of training new priests between the military and civilian archdiocese. right now the number of catholic chaplains is down 26% to about 200. that makes one priest for every 1,300 catholics in the armed forces. some say the low numbers are alarming. >> these are staples of the catholic rites. to be denied that when you're in the service of your country is a travesty. >> reporter: clergymen say the
10:29 pm
new program appears to be working. about three years ago there were only two seminarians on the way to become chaplain, now there's 25. the one thing that makes for a blue ribbon bonnet. and better late than never, how late storms are affecting business in the sierra. and the freebies now being offered.
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benedict 16 delivered messages of peace and comfort to the world on this easter sunday. the pope took special note of syria and implored it's regime to stop attacking its people.
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some christians are kept from expressing their faith. he turns 85 years old next week. the first family attended easter services at an episcopal church in washington, d.c. the president and first lady along with their two daughters walked together to the services. after church, mr. obama spent the rest of the holiday relaxing with his family. san francisco hosted a variety of easter celebrations today. christien kafton took on an easter celebration and bonnet contest. >> reporter: parishioners packed the church for their easter celebration. >> at 9:00 we were just overwhelmed with people. this one will be greater than that. i don't know where we're going to get all the people seated. >> reporter: church leaders say attendance is up for easter services but they are also seeing more people in need of a
10:33 pm
free meal. >> today families, the week before and the week before it was not only families but people who were trying to find their way. >> reporter: while many spend today's celebrating easter's significance, for others easter is about one thing, the bunny. san francisco's union square was transformed with children. >> yeah, this is monie. and she's loving easter and the easter bunny. >> reporter: the crowning moment, the easter bonnet competition. judges say they are looking for that special hat. >> when you look at it you think, oh okay, this is what she thinks about. but each one is really good. >> reporter: and arlene edwards may just have what the judges are looking for, a living tribute to easter and spring. >> i'm with the league of gardeners, i love the gardening. >> reporter: in san francisco,
10:34 pm
christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. the 134th annual easter egg roll is set for tomorrow at the white house. an estimated 30,000 people are set to be on the lawn. this year's theme is let's go, let's play, let's move to promote the first lady's campaign against childhood obesity. sierra ski resorts have a special message for resortgoers. the message is, come on up. with well groomed slopes and sunny skies, sugar bowl is offering free lessons and discounted and even free equipment rentals in an effort to lure customers to the mountain. >> i do think people hang up their skis when springtime hits, but it's actually some of the best skiing and riding that you can have. >> it's pretty good out there. it's much better than when we were here for christmas. >> reporter: more snow is expected to fall during the
10:35 pm
week pushing spring out a few more weeks. anchorage alaska set a new record for snow. alaska's largest city has received 134.5-inches during the season. that broke the previous record set in 1954 by close to 2- inches. resorts are booked up and some of the snow is expected to last until summer. meanwhile anchorage set another record of sorts by spending an extra $3 million to plow the streets. there's new evidence that radio activity from the fukushima disaster has reached california. giant kelp growing along the california coast had records of radiation iodine one month. a month later the iodine was gone. giant kelp grows quicker than anything else on earth and contains iodine. drivers still aren't
10:36 pm
getting any relief at the gas pump. the national average for a gallon of regular gas has gone up 4-cents. prices here in the bay area are even higher in san francisco it's 4:35 a gallon. in oakland it's 4.24, and in san jose it's $4.25. the shot of a lifetime, the amazing finish to this year's masters. later in sports wrap how this shot ultimately decided who won the green jacket. >> and meteorologist mark tamayo is putting rain in the bay area forecast. a live picture of union square in the city. the days we can expect showers and how much rain we can expect this week. they say that with great power comes great responsibility.
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here we are wrapping up a beautiful holiday weekend in the bay area. the rain showers we were concerned about moved out of the region. most of the activity remaining offshore to the west of eureka. as we change over to satellite you can see the clouds that have been increasing over the past six to 12 hours. those clouds still in place. in fact, this was the time lapse looking out toward the evening hours you can see the sun going down there. right now we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies. we really warmed up this weekend. we warmed up today, you can see the 60s and 70s out there. concord topped out 71 degrees. san francisco 65, and livermore 74 this afternoon. forecast headlines for tonight we'll continue to have partly cloudy skies.
10:40 pm
tomorrow a split forecast, more cloud cover for the north bay. rain returns in our extended forecast and temperatures cooling off. first thing tomorrow morning, coolest locations will be in the upper 30s the to lower 40s. san jose is starting out the day at 42 degrees. here's a weather system we have been watching in the pacific, this is the circulation out to the north and west. this cold front basically has been putting on its brakes over the next few days. high clouds, it'll be mild out there. the main shower potential is up to our north. then as we take this into tuesday. the front moves on shore. as a result the this will bring rainfall first thing tuesday morning for the commute. rainfall expectations about a quarter of an inch to possibly an inch for the coastal hills. temperatures really cooling off as we head into wednesday and thursday when another system moves in first thing thursday. here's our model showing a few
10:41 pm
sprinkles in the north bay here. that's a chance. for the most part we have a rain chance. not too much in terms of significant rainfall for tomorrow. that will be changes here as we take this into tuesday. tuesday morning, 6:00. another band pushing into the region at 3:00. periods of rain throughout the rain on tuesday. we begin to cool off just slightly for tomorrow. that means the warmest locations still right around the 70-degree mark. san jose tops out 65. san mateo 63 degrees. here's your time ahead, periods of rain into tuesday. scattered showers into wednesday. another storm developing that'll be for thursday. right now just a chance for a shower. we're watching that for the giant's home opener, your weekend always in view. but a sun cloud mix. but ken, april could be an interesting time of year. it's a preview of summer but you still have some remnants of winter. it'll feel more like winter this week.
10:42 pm
>> april showers bring may flowers. >> hopefully will allow you to plant. bruce bochy was ejected. we'll show you the play that got him thrown out. it's one of the rarest shots in golf and it's not a hole in one. the historic sudden finish at the masters, sports wrap is next. hello! honey? who's she? downy unstopables. here to shake up your fresh. like a cheerleader on espresso. toss these little scent boosters in before you wash. and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. [ buzzer ] [ laughs ] [ both sniff ] and this fresh scent will last? it's like you shoved a rainbow up your nose. i should go. downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit. i should go. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank.
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the lexus es. it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. today's final round of the masters had a little bit of everything. there was the rarest shot in golf and two extra holes needed to become a winner. history seemed to


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